The Christian experience begins with the new birth: a receiving of what God has done through his son Jesus, and making Jesus your Lord. However this is only the beginning. The task that Jesus gave to the church was to make disciples. The basic meaning of the term ‘disciple’ is one who follows Jesus. Not only do they believe in what God has done for them, but they start to move their life in the direction that Jesus instructs them. He leads, they follow.

Being a disciple is a way of life, not a job description.

Many Christians have started the life of a disciple only to find themselves wanting to give up some months or years down the road. This is nearly always due to a faulty understanding of, 1) what God’s part is, 2) what their part is. We actually start at the place of victory, and have the Victor inside us, living his life through us! Our walk as a disciple is one of a believer who has learned to let God live through them. So therefore, as [in the same way, ie, through simply believing what he has done] you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk [live the life of a disciple] in him. (Colossians 2:6)

On this page we have an incredible tool to give you a foundation for discipleship. It could save you years of learning the hard way. Getting a proper foundation ranks as one of the most important factors in living this life. So click ‘Begin Foundations’ to start.

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